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Delivery Policy

Welcome to the online store of BATO & DIVAJN!

By proceeding to view the web site or any part of it, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the terms indicated in our company’s policies including our delivery policy, that constitute the binding agreement between you and Bato & Divajn, in respect of your order placed on the web site.

The delivery policy refers to the delivery of products ordered via Bato & Divajn’s e-hop (online store),

The product prices and delivery costs indicated on the e-shop (online store) are valid net prices without calculated VAT. VAT is calculated and separately indicated for all orders made on and intended for the territory of R. Macedonia. Bato & Divajn is obliged to make the goods available and deliverable to the buyer at the agreed prices and terms. The indicated product prices include packaging with standard packing paper. It is possible to use different packaging upon the request of the buyer, at additional cost.

The products ordered through Bato & Divajn’s e-shop (online store) are to be delivered in accordance with the prices and delivery terms, on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, via third party, authorized carriers with whom Bato & Divajn has concluded cooperation contracts. The buyer has an option to choose the delivery manner of the ordered goods. That is whether Bato & Divajn would organize the delivery or the buyer would pick up the goods from one of Bato & Divajn’s warehouses. In case of organized delivery by Bato & Divajn, the ordered goods are to be delivered along with an invoice based on the conducted payment and delivery receipt, for cases when the billing and shipping address are identical. In cases when the ordered products are intended as a gift and/or contain address (name, surname, address) that is different from the billing one, the invoice is to be related to the buyer.

For orders from abroad, outside the territory of Republic of Macedonia, given the nature of export and customs procedures, the buyer will be additionally informed on the delivery cost and terms, based on the specified shipping address details by the buyer. If the buyer decides to pick up the products from Bato & Divajn’s warehouses, the pick up must be conducted not later than 14 days as per the notification on the ready for pick up status of the goods. Otherwise Bato & Divajn reserves the right to additionally charge for warehousing/storage of the finished products. The related import costs, customs duties, taxes and/or any other pertinent costs that may arise in the buyer’s destination country for the order represent sole responsibility of the buyer and must be paid by the recipient of the order. Bato & Divajn has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. The buyer may want to contact their local customs office for further information.

If there is no authorized person to sign the delivery dispatch slips at the specified location (Bato Divajn accepts signatures of persons aged 18 years and above), then the buyer is to be notified that a delivery attempt has been made ​​and that another delivery attempt is to be made for further delivery within the specified price. If this is not possible, then the products will be left at the nearest collection center of our carries from where the buyer can pick up the products.

The delivery interval of each ordered product is defined on Bato & Divajn’s web site. If the delivery is delayed or the interval is exceeded owing to buyer’s fault, Bato & Divajn will not undertake any responsibility for the delay.

The set delivery intervals are given in business days, that is working days of the week. Non-working days are Saturday and Sunday as well as all Public and Religious holidays that are celebrated on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. All orders placed on non-working days are to be processed the first, upcoming business day.

All possible changes and/or amendments in this policy are to be included in the Delivery Policy and published in this section of the web site.